High-End FTIR Applications
Using VERTEX Vacuum Spectrometers

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VerTera THz-Extension for VERTEX 80v

The world's first combined FTIR/cw THz Spectrometer.

UHV FTIR Spectroscopy

VERTEX Vacuum Spectrometers adapted to Customized Ultra-High Vacuum Apparatus.

Step Scan TRS Spectroscopy

VERTEX 80v Provides Highest Accuracy Using Time Resolved Stepwise Data Acquisition.

MIR Photoluminescence (PL)

Amplitude Modulated Step Scan.

Characterization of Ultra-Thin Layers

Highest Sensitivity for Mono-Molecular Layers.

Spectroelectrochemistry with Rapid Scan

Monitoring of Fast Electrochemical Process Without Atmospheric Disturbance.

Further Applications

VERTEX 80v and VERTEX 70v

High-End Research Applications Using VERTEX Series Vacuum Spectrometers.

verTera THz-Extension
for VERTEX 80v Vacuum Spectrometer

It is well-known, that VERTEX 80v research FTIR spectrometers can access the THz spectral range down to 5 cm-1 (approx. 0.15 THz) and hold the record for the broadest achievable spectral range from UV/Vis to THz using FTIR technique. The vacuum spectrometers VERTEX 80v and VERTEX 70v can reach 10 cm-1 using the room temperature FIR DTGS detector combined with the external Hg arc source and the appropriate beamsplitters. The superior instrument performance and sensitivity with this configuration are sufficient for most chemical or physics applications in FIR region. Furthermore, in some very demanding experiments requiring utmost sensitivity in the FIR/THz region to detect extremely weak spectral features, or for measurements requiring access down to a few wavenumbers, liquid Helium cooled bolometers can be applied additionally.

Outstanding FIR/THz spectral range specification of VERTEX vacuum spectrometers
  • Superior sensitivity down to 50 cm-1 using the RT DTGS detector
  • Access down to 10 cm-1 using additionally the external water-cooled Hg arc FIR source
  • Numerous FIR BMSs for optimized performance and MIR-FIR wide range BMSs for easy operation available
  • Record sensitivity in FIR/THz spectral range down to 5 cm-1 using VERTEX 80v and liquid He cooled bolometers

To reach the spectral limits, highest sensitivity or resolution in the FIR/THz region liquid Helium cooled bolometers are often required as detector. Since liquid He is very costly, in some regions even not available at all, the handling of this cryogen liquid demands skilled operators and significant set-up time, it is increasingly considered as bottle neck by many researchers. Alternative dry pulse tube cooled bolometers require long evacuation and cool down time (approx. 3-4 h), may create artifacts by potentially harmful vibrations and are still quite expensive.

Now these limitations are overcome by the new and unique verTera Terahertz extension for the VERTEX 80v vacuum spectrometer. With verTera functionality the famous VERTEX 80v becomes the world’s first and only combined FTIR/continuous wave THz spectrometer with amazing possibilities. A spectral range down to 3 cm-1 (0.09 THz) can be covered without the need of any cryogenically cooled components.

Exciting possibilities with the verTera extension for VERTEX 80v

  • Integrated state of the art cw THz technology
  • Spectral range down to 3 cm-1 (0.09 THz)
  • Effective spectral resolution better than 0.0007 cm-1 (better than 20 MHz)
  • Same sample compartment and accessories for FTIR and THz
  • Highest THz performance by vacuum and unique THz algorithm
  • Measurement of transmittance, reflectance and ATR
  • Ready to measure by push of a button (no preparation time)
  • FTIR and THz mode controlled via powerful OPUS software

    Read the Flyer verTera VERTEX 80v cw Terahertz Extension.

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