High-End FTIR Applications
Using VERTEX Vacuum Spectrometers

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Further Applications

VERTEX 80v and VERTEX 70v

High-End Research Applications Using VERTEX Series Vacuum Spectrometers.

VerTera THz-Extension for VERTEX 80v

The world's first combined FTIR/cw THz Spectrometer.

UHV FTIR Spectroscopy

VERTEX Vacuum Spectrometers adapted to Customized Ultra-High Vacuum Apparatus.

Step Scan TRS Spectroscopy

VERTEX 80v Provides Highest Accuracy Using Time Resolved Stepwise Data Acquisition.

MIR Photoluminescence (PL)

Amplitude Modulated Step Scan.

Characterization of Ultra-Thin Layers

Highest Sensitivity for Mono-Molecular Layers.

Spectroelectrochemistry with Rapid Scan

Monitoring of Fast Electrochemical Process Without Atmospheric Disturbance.


The VERTEX series vacuum spectrometers VERTEX 80v and VERTEX 70v show their superiority in diverse other application fields:

  • Low temperature spectroscopy
  • Semiconductor/material science
  • matrix isolation spectroscopy
  • solid state physics
  • meta materials development
  • detector characterization
  • source characterization

Read VERTEX series Brochure Advanced Research FTIR Spectrometers.
Read Application Note AN M116 Research on Meta-Materials.
Read Application Note AN M55 Research on Shallow Impurities in Silicon.

VERTEX 80v vacuum spectrometer for measurement of impurities in semiconductors.

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