High-End FTIR Applications
Using VERTEX Vacuum Spectrometers

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UHV FTIR Spectroscopy

VERTEX Vacuum Spectrometers adapted to Customized Ultra-High Vacuum Apparatus.

Step Scan TRS Spectroscopy

VERTEX 80v Provides Highest Accuracy Using Time Resolved Stepwise Data Acquisition.

MIR Photoluminescence (PL)

Amplitude Modulated Step Scan.

Characterization of Ultra-Thin Layers

Highest Sensitivity for Mono-Molecular Layers.

Spectroelectrochemistry with Rapid Scan

Monitoring of Fast Electrochemical Process Without Atmospheric Disturbance.

Further Applications

VERTEX 80v and VERTEX 70v

High-End Research Applications Using VERTEX Series Vacuum Spectrometers.

VerTera THz-Extension for VERTEX 80v

The world's first combined FTIR/cw THz Spectrometer.

FTIR Spectroscopy

Why and when is the combination of ultra-high vacuum (UHV) and FTIR technique needed?

  • The research topic requires very precisely defined conditions (such as pressure, concentration, temperature etc.) to study model systems and better understand real processes.
  • The sample itself need to be cleaned, prepared, modified and/or kept under UHV conditions.
  • Other combined analysis techniques (such as XPS, LEED, TDS etc.) in interdisciplinary research projects need preferentially UHV conditions.
  • Not only UHV chambers, but also plasma chambers, high pressure chambers or other customized voluminous reaction chambers can be combined with FTIR technique.
  • Example spectra measured in a customer UHV chamber at the Institute of Functional Interfaces (IFG) in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) showing the outstanding sensitivity of UHV-FTIR (with permission of Prof. Christof Wöll, director of IFG).
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    FTIR spectroscopy can be added as a non-destructive and highly sensitive complementary analysis technique to a UHV facility or adapted to diverse customized chambers. Bruker’s VERTEX FTIR vacuum series research spectrometers VERTEX 80v and VERTEX 70v with complete vacuum optics layout provide superior sensitivity, stability and reproducibility in comparison to purged spectrometers, because the entire beam path can be evacuated to avoid atmospheric and environmental disturbance. Especially the VERTEX 80v vacuum spectrometer is the gold standard for high-end FTIR applications and UHV adaptions allowing to measure weak bands down to 10-5 au (absorbance units) and even beyond. Furthermore, the adaption of vacuum chambers with vacuum spectrometers is technically more efficient and reliable.

Bruker is highly experienced in this demanding application field and offers specialized UHV FTIR solutions. We have successfully installed adaptions for different UHV systems manufactured by various UHV suppliers. We are able to offer flexible solutions to adapt UHV chambers of different dimensions and designs.

To fully understand your application challenges and meet your individual experimental requirements we provide you the UHV FTIR Questionnaire to better express your need and enable smooth and efficient communication.

Questionnaire for UHV‐IR Adaptation
Read the Application Note AN M107 UHV-FTIR.
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