High-End FTIR Applications
Using VERTEX Vacuum Spectrometers

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VERTEX 80v and VERTEX 70v

High-End Research Applications Using VERTEX Series Vacuum Spectrometers.

VerTera THz-Extension for VERTEX 80v

The world's first combined FTIR/cw THz Spectrometer.

UHV FTIR Spectroscopy

VERTEX Vacuum Spectrometers adapted to Customized Ultra-High Vacuum Apparatus.

Step Scan TRS Spectroscopy

VERTEX 80v Provides Highest Accuracy Using Time Resolved Stepwise Data Acquisition.

MIR Photoluminescence (PL)

Amplitude Modulated Step Scan.

Characterization of Ultra-Thin Layers

Highest Sensitivity for Mono-Molecular Layers.

Spectroelectrochemistry with Rapid Scan

Monitoring of Fast Electrochemical Process Without Atmospheric Disturbance.

Further Applications

High-End Applications
Using VERTEX Vacuum Spectrometers

What are the strong benefits of vacuum optics for demanding FTIR experiments? The different vibrational modes of water vapour and carbon dioxide in the lab air have their absorption bands in the whole MIR (mid infrared) and FIR/THz (far infrared / terahertz) spectral range (see figure). Especially in the FIR region, the pure rotational modes of the atmospheric contaminations can even lead to total absorption of the IR light. The most common method of reducing the effects of atmospheric contaminations is to purge the optics bench as can be done for the VERTEX 80 and VERTEX 70 FTIR spectrometers. However, even “dry” purge air always contains residual moisture and CO2, causing significant atmospheric artifacts and effectively limiting sensitivity. In particular for demanding R&D measurements in mid and far infrared it can therefore be difficult or even impossible to obtain adequate results. Only a vacuum spectrometer can completely overcome these inherent limitations.

Bruker’s VERTEX 80v and VERTEX 70v vacuum FTIR spectrometers provide highest flexibility and stability for advanced research applications. The entire vacuum optics design eliminates atmospheric disturbances in the resulting spectra and reduces artifacts caused by temperature fluctuations in the environment. Especially the VERTEX 80v vacuum spectrometer with its unique UltraScanTM interferometer is the acknowledged gold standard for the most demanding applications, where highest sensitivity, broadest spectral range (in particular the FIR/THz region) or highest spectral or temporal resolution are required.

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Read the Product Note T18-02/08 Vacuum Advantages: Isolate Yourself from the Elements.

Atmospheric absorption in the MIR and FIR/THz region.
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Vacuum Advantages for FTIR Spectroscopy

  • No temperature fluctuation influenced by environment
  • No atmospheric absorbance masking weak spectral features or interfering with high spectral resolution features
  • No problems caused by fluctuations of the dry air purge supply
  • Highest stability and reproducibility
  • Utmost sensitivity

VERTEX Vacuum Features

  • Rapid evacuation by high speed, dry and noise-reduced vacuum pump
  • Four position automatic beamsplitter (BMS) exchange option for the VERTEX 80v vacuum optics bench
  • Automatic sample compartment shutter option for quick sample exchange and highest SNR
  • Permanently mounted windows or adjustable telescope windows e.g. if particular experiments require a purged sample compartment

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